Sony Ericsson K330

Pictures and video
Capture and store up to 250 photos or 12 minutes of video. Each video clip can be up to 2 minutes long. Share via Bluetooth™ or a picture message.

Communication made easy
Stay in touch - with the K330 at hand, you communicate with ease. Your phone has room for up to 1000 contacts and 450 text messages.

Light up - torch functionality
Your K330 has torch functionality - when in the dark, let your screen be your torch.

For an active daily life
Capture video, send messages and listen to the FM radio. Nice to hold and easy to use, the K330 is a solid phone for an active life.
What's in it?

FM Radio
There's music in the air - just tune in and enjoy. Your phone has a built-in stereo FM radio.

Integrated camera
Built-in digital camera with screen viewfinder, dedicated menus and direct interaction with in-phone imaging and messaging features.

Capture the action
Video clips are ideal for those unexpected great moments that happen when you're out there, enjoying life.

Health mate
Keep track of the calories. Enter your weight, eating habits and sporting activities, and let the Health mate application return a calorie consumption recommendation.

Predictive text input
Write text messages with fewer clicks. Your phone anticipates the word you're writing and finishes it for you.

Alarm clock
Need to get up at a certain time? Got an event you can’t miss? Set the time and your phone alarm signal will ring to remind you.

Switch to speakerphone to activate the loudspeaker. Now you can use your phone hands-free, and it’s an easy way to share a conversation with others.

The Bluetooth™ experience
Bluetooth™ wireless technology frees more than your hands – it lets your devices talk to each other without tangles, across ranges of up to 10 metres.

Take a picture of where you are, record or write a greeting and send to any MMS-capable phone or email address. Send pictures, text and sound.